Sugar detox & Primal Lifestyle Reset

Primal Lifestyle Reset

It is a way of life modeled according to the diet, exercise and life habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

Primal blueprint is a set of simple instructions that allow you to control how your genes are expressed to build a stronger, thinner and healthier body possible, taking clues from evolutionary biology (that's the primordial part).

During the transformation program (21 days), you will escape from the roller coaster of energy, fat storage, inflammatory effects of today's modern diet based on grains and high in carbohydrates, and you will adopt a feeding strategy that will reprogram your genes to prefer fat as a daily fuel and not carbohydrates.

I will teach you how to avoid the approach of chronic exercise that leads to fatigue, injury and exhaustion. Instead, we will do so by implementing an intuitive combination of: regular aerobic workouts with a low level of adequate heart rate; increase in general movement practices and daily mobility / flexibility; high intensity and strength training; and, occasionally, brief and complete sprints.

I will help you reduce the speed of life, taking time to play, take in sunlight and fresh air, and strategies to sleep properly. Primal Reset allows you to efficiently reduce excess body fat * with a natural lifestyle and with easy-to-maintain changes.

Would you like?

  • Get your ideal body composition?
  • Control your hunger, cravings and energy?
  • Master in the gym, in your sport, in your life?
  • Experience the freedom of random pains, sufferers, skin rashes, intestinal problems, metabolic problems and more?
  • Take a journey through evolutionary biology, biochemistry and nutritional science, and discover SOLUTIONS.


    Make a change of life today!

    1. Accept that your process will be unique: you know the direction you want to go, and that is the key.

    2. Allow yourself to be introduced to the Detox and then to the Primal Lifestyle: You will be able to gradually but genuinely incorporate the new aspects of diet, exercise and stress reduction without feeling overwhelmed.

    3. Divide and conquer: Primal Reset will help you achieve your goals one by one, or at least take one slowly and focus on the other.

    4. Keep track of your daily practices (and progress): Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the "immensity" of a goal: the long-term nature of your plan. Allow yourself to concentrate on each day, but give yourself the opportunity to see concretely your continued commitment.

    5. Take everything with calm and patience towards you: (we will do a process of change to "baby steps" if you come across a difficult road it will be harder to take it with positivism.

    6. Give it time: The Primal Lifestyle Reset is not about temporary fixes or fashion tricks. It is a general design with suggestions to help you live your healthier and more productive life. This type of change requires time, attention and a commitment in constant evolution to create a new and genuine lifestyle.


    The greatest wealth is health!

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